As a dietician, I am often told that bread is to be banned, that it isn’t good for the health, that it makes people fat, that people are swollen because of it, etc.

Well, in my opinion, depending where your bread is from and how it is made makes a difference. And guess what, learning to make bread in no time is easy!

Why should you make your own bread ? For multiple reasons such as:

  • You know what’s inside and you control quantities such as salt
  • You can save money and ask Santa for a much better present at the end of the year ! 5 kg of organic integral flour cost about 10 euros (10 breads) against an average of 25-30 euros if bought in a bakery!
  • It’s fun baking it and you can be proud to say that your bread is homemade!

And there are even more advantages to make a sourdough bread with natural leaven* (if no time, dry leaven it’s good too) !

  • it increases the shelf life because it protects from mould
  • it’s extremely beneficial for health :
    • it has a lower glycemic index thanks to the bacteria that transform sugars into other substances including CO2
    • Bacteria have the effect of degrading certain gluten proteins responsible for celiac disease However, it is not recommended for a celiac to consume gluten-based products!
    • The presence of leaven also allows a better assimilation of the minerals present in the complete cereals
    • The leaven allows a predigestion of the bread. It will be better absorbed by the intestines and will allow a better digestion.

Well, now that I know all the benefits of making a sourdough bread…

Can I have the recipe ?

Serving: One loaf of 500 grams

Preparation time : 20-30 minutes 

Cooking time : 40 minutes 

Rise time : minimum 3 hours 

Total time : 4 hours 15- 30 minutes 


  • 350 ml of water (ambiant temperature)
  • 25 grams of dry leaven
  • 500 grams of flour (whole, integral, spelled, rye, etc)
  • 1 teaspoon of salt (adjusted according to taste)

Steps :

Add the leaven to the water and let it “work” for about 10 minutes (you must see bubbles) once you see these bubbles add flour and salt (be careful to always add it last because leaven doesn’t like salt)!

Knead for about ten minutes until a homogeneous dough is obtain. Let it rest for couple of hours before kneading again. Repeat the operation 2-3 times, making sure to let it rise for at least 3 hours!

Preheat oven on 240 degrees and put a cast iron casserole in it. Once, the oven is warm enough, take out the casserole, put the dough in it (without any additional fat of any type!) and cook for about 40 minutes.

Psssst: you can add lots of grains to it !! It’s tastier. I usually go for linseeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, etc. But you can go crazy and put whatever you want in it including dried tomatoes, grapes, figs, etc.

* Leaven is a substance as yeast or baking powder used to produce fermentation in dough.